Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mind If I Brag A Bit?

As in my previous entry, i do state that i love singing right? 

This entry, i want to share my experience singing. In front of others. On the stage. Ahahah. Why does it sounds so serious? Burrr

It started when i was six years old. At my father's workplace annual dinner, my mother said to me, "I dare you to sing on the stage and i'll reward you as many as Doraemon's CD's you want" 

At that age, i love Doraemon more than anything in this world. (hahaha it was funny when i think about it now) So, i challenge myself to do it.

aww aww

Guess what? That's me in the picture. Sorry it is not clear but it is really me. You don't have to mention. I know back then i was cute and the fact is, i'm still cute though. mihmihmih :3 Ok stop it Wafaa. --' The thing is, I did it. I can remember clearly what song i was singing. But please, promise you won't laugh if i mention it, will you? It was a Bollywood song. "Dil To Pagal Hai" . Hahahaha. You better believe it. So, I end up getting many Doraemon's Cd's from my mum. Yay for me. 

It goes on when i was in Form 3, there was a Talentime Day where there are a lots of activities going on in my school. We, students. can choose to participate in sports, or join the talentime. As for me, sports is the last thing on earth if i have to choose. Hee. So, i choose to join a solo singing compettition. The theme is 'Lagu Asli' so i picked Noraniza Idris's song called Awalah Dondang. I join the competition just for fun and Alhamdulillah. 

I won the second place. Hiks. It was a sweet memory for me as i join the competition with my bestfriend, Nabila and she also won the third place.   

I just wanna say that, if you believe you can do it, you're half way there. Trust yourself and give a chance to yourself to prove that you can.