Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sing-Ing :) Karaoke-Ing

Singing loudly never failed to release my tension. It's just the matter of people that heard my singing, I don't know if it cause them to be stress muahaha. I really love singing. Anytime, anywhere. Ngeeee. 

When i hang out with my girlfriends, after we watched a movie, usually we'll go for a karaoke session. There is a place in my housing area, that offers a cheap price of karaoke session where we can rent a room and karaoke. It is really cheap. Trust me. I can't afford a karaoke place like Loudspeaker as it is too expensive and it would be such a waste of money.

Speaking about karaoke, i wanna share types of song that will be in my list of must karaoke song. hahaa. I love Adele's songs. Although i wont reach the part of the high key in her songs, i enjoy singing it.Not to mention, to spoil her songs muehehe. Some of my favourites are 'Someone like you', 'Rolling In the Deep' and 'Set fire to the rain'. 

Another one is Titanium by Sia. Not to forget, Taylor Swift's songs, Setia kasih by Haleda and so much more. The music video of Titanium is awesome. I think you should watch it. Nah.

That's all for this entry. Have a blast people! 

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