Sunday, 20 October 2013


What is meant by hobby? 
Hobby is a regular activity that is done for pleasure, typically, during one's leisure time. 

Why is hobby important to us?
For me, it would be such a waste of time if one's does not have even a hobby. This is because hobby symbolises yourself. It reflects you. Having a hobby means you know yourself, you know your interest and the most important thing is that you know what you actually want in your life.

And my hobby is. . .

Reading :D

It sounds cliche, but reading really can make us smarter. By reading, we can gain a lot of knowledge and maybe, an experience! There is so much thing we can explore, only just by sitting and reading. Reading can take us to everywhere, whoever we want to be and whenever year we want be in. By reading, it helps us to understand more about something, increase our general knowledge and make us alert about what is happening around us, get the latest news and updates. 

Nowadays, reading material is not only from a book. Reading material now is easily reached as the world goes online and just by a click, you can have anything you search for, within a second. We do not have to go to the library to search for an information. We can just sit, type, search and read whatever we want, maybe while listening to music sometimes. It is nice, isn't it? We can do our hobby anytime, anywhere, thanks to technology.

When i am reading, i am imagining, so that is when my adventure begins!

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