Friday, 25 October 2013

MoO V's

In my leisure time, I love to watch movies in cinema. But when i started a new life as a student, i don't have many leisure times to do such hobbies. Life as a student are never easy. There will be a lot of tests, quizzes, assignments, presentations, group discussions and so much more. So, when I am on a holiday, i will make sure i'll spend my time watching movies in cinema. Hahah. It is just another way to release my stress.

What genre of movies is the most exciting to watch? For me, an action movie. And my favourite action movies ever is Mission Impossible. It is not just the hero that captures my heart (ecewah) but it is the action in the movies itself. Every sequel of Mission Impossible never failed to 'wow' us. Tom Cruise, starring in this movie, played role as Ethan Hunt really make my heart skips a beat and a beat and a beat from the beginning until the movie ends. Okay too much, I'm sorry i can't help myself :P He is so hot. Although my mum said that he is old already, but he is still handsome though. Nyehnyeh. 

Ohmaii. The latest sequel of MI:4 showing on 2011

I told you, he is handsome. *winking*

Okay enough for Mission Impossible, time to move on. My another favourite movie is. Superman ! I started to like this series from the television series named Smallville starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent. When i know there will be a sequel movie of Superman: Man Of Steel, i don't waste the oppurtunity to watch it. It is around this year i think, but i can't remember the exact month when it was showing. But overall, the movie was great. Nah.

Superman : Man Of Steel

Tom Welling is no longer the main actor in Superman but the new one is not bad actually. Heheh.

Thanks for reading dear readers :)

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