Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hola Hula !

I am not a fan of love story novels. I am a realistic person so i love reading facts, not a fantasy of happy ever after ending love story novels. Heh. I wanna share with you guys, types of books that i love to read. Anything that is related to history! I found it interesting to read things that happenned before. The stories of our ancestors, customs in different state in Malaysia and so other countries. 

Are you familiar with the word hula? Hula is a popular dance by the Hawaiian. Whole wide world knows about this dance. I read this and I'm glad to share it with all the readers. So, lets explore the history of Hula :)

Hula dancing is the traditional art of movement, smooth bodily gestures and vocals.  You may notice that Hula Dancing seems to have an incredibly smooth "flow" and the movements are extremely fluid.  These movements are said to actually tell a story or represent movements of nature such as trees blowing in the wind or fish swimming smoothly in the ocean.

The Hawaiian goddess Laka seperated her Hula Dancers into two groups...

Olapa (Agile ones) - This group represented the younger generation of dances with more energy.

Ho'o-paa (Steadfast ones) - This group represented the elders which sang and played musical instruments.

What most people don't know about Hula Dancing is that all hula dances originate from a series of only six traditional moves.  Of course, there are a wide variety of interpretations and different ways of using these base movements to create unique and beautiful performances.

Traditionally, you will find both men and women wearing knee level skirts made of palm leaves as well as flower leights around their arms, lower legs and heads.  However, prior to 1820, women wore skirts that were much shorter and men simply wore loin clothes.  It was in 1820 that missionaries made them wear a less revealing wardrobe during their performances.

I want to share a videos about this Hula but there seems to be a problem attaching this video. So for a better understanding of Hula, click here Hula For Dummies and watch the awesome video.

Till we meet again, Assalamualaikum.

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