Friday, 25 October 2013

Shop Till Drop

One more thing i'm addicted to is. .  


I still can control this bad habits now as i don't even have much money to buy everything i want. But i love the way i feel when i get to buy something. It's something that i can't describe, which is satisfaction.

Every single month, i will save my money to buy at least a cloth or shoes or whatever because for me, shopping is just like a theraphy. It is like one of the way we can reward ourselves after going a stressfull month or a bad experience. 

Some people said that woman who likes to go shopping is actually stressed out with their life. I totally disagree with it. To me, i love to shop because i want to take a good care of my appearance. I believe that appearance always give an impact on the first impression. 

For me, shopping is not a waste. Never a waste because.


Thanks for reading !


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