Saturday, 26 October 2013

Don't Walk, Run! Running Man.

Korea again. Hihih. I must state here that I am not a K-Pop die hard fan. But i am a big fan of the famous reality show. Running Man ! 

My another interesting hobby is to watch every episodes of Running Man. It is hillarious as i can even laugh out loud even when i am stress to the max. Running Man has 7 members which is Sukjin, Jaesuk, Kang Gary, Ji Hyo, Jongkook, Haha and Kwangsoo. Here are the pictures of them.

For sure everyone that watches this variety show, has a favourite member of Running Man. For me, i like Kwangsoo oppa! 

He is the youngest and tallest member of the cast and initially introduced alongside Gary and Song Joong-ki as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to Running Man. During the earlier episodes he was known for framing his fellow members with embarrassing and often absurd rumours. He is often picked on by the rest of the cast, particularly Kim Jong-kook, due to his timid nature. He is one of the weakest players, often the first to be eliminated during race missions. However, he has grown to easily betray his fellow members without concern. Due to his immense popularity when the show is filmed in other Asian countries, he has since been known as the Prince of Asia.

*melting* OkBye. Hahah!


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